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Turning to those you trust. Through strong partnerships with our affiliated bars and adherence to ethical practices, we enhance the protection of the public and support those seeking as well as those delivering legal services.

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With over five million yearly searches, our bar-sponsored lawyer directories offer consumers an easy, credible, and transparent way to locate the legal assistance they need.  

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Our lawyer to consumer and lawyer to lawyer directories help lawyers increase their web presence, obtain new clients, and build a referral network with others in the legal community.

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Bar Associations

From connecting members with consumers to providing networking and other member benefits, we work with our partner bars to provide value while generating non-dues revenue.

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The standard in legal services platforms. Our solution suite is tailored to meet the needs of consumers, attorneys, and bar associations. With an insider's perspective and a value driven approach, our solutions are best-in-class.

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Lawyer Finder. Connecting consumers and lawyers.

A staggering 25% of adults have a legal need in any given year. The majority search for an attorney on their own and many ultimately visit their state or local bar website for help.

Our lawyer finder directory is a plug-and-play solution that provides immediate value by connecting your members to those seeking legal assistance.

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Advocate Square. Connecting lawyers to lawyers.

An Advocate Square profile lets lawyers market their skills to fellow lawyers who are looking to make or receive referrals or are seeking specialized expertise.

Advocate Square is for members of the legal community only and is not open to the general public, so lawyers can post detailed referral and other practice information.

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RELIAGUIDE Travel. Connecting lawyers to the world.

Backed by the top airlines, hotels, rental car companies, and online travel agencies (e.g.,, Expedia, Priceline, etc.), we offer the largest inventory of travel options available anywhere and deliver the best itinerary in seconds.

Members can book a trip with four clicks in under two minutes and know they got the best rate. No surprises. No gimmicks.