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Don't book the same old way. The travel industry runs on 50 year old technology that forces consumers to search an average of 10 sites to get the best rates. What’s more, they spend an average of 88 minutes in the process.

The RELIAGUIDE Travel Marketplace is changing all of that.

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Huge inventory. We deliver the widest itinerary selection in the travel industry by aggregating all public, private, and “hidden” fares.

We publish content directly from the top airlines, hotels, rental car companies, online travel agencies (e.g., Booking.com, Expedia, Priceline, etc.), travel consolidators that purchase tickets in bulk at deeply discounted rates, and travel management companies that provide negotiated travel rates.

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Personalized results. Our patented technology returns results based on your travel preferences.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning we tailor the search results just for you and deliver the best itinerary in seconds. No surprises. No gimmicks.

Quite simply, we are a travel industry game-changer. Call us at 844-899-9335 to learn how you can offer this exclusive benefit to your member community.