About Us

Where we began. RELIAGUIDE, first called ZeekBeek and later CloudLaw, was founded in 2012 by a team of lawyers with one goal in mind: to use the internet to connect lawyers who were looking for clients with clients looking for lawyers.

Of the almost 64 million adults who have a legal need in any given year, 10% ultimately consult their local bar association.

As a proud partner to bar associations, we help facilitate the association's role as the trusted source of legal services available to the community and providers of value and services to their members. Unlike other lawyer sites that often contain inaccurate or misleading information due to the screen scraping used to create their lawyer profiles, the information contained in our lawyer profiles comes from the bar or the members themselves, so it has a high level of accuracy.

Our public-facing lawyer directory is designed to drop right into your bar's website and can be deployed in weeks with minimal staff involvement.

In addition to our proud tradition of offering consumers a credible, ethical lawyer search engine, we have expanded our product offering to include a lawyer to lawyer referral service as well as an exclusive travel services member benefit.

By partnering with RELIAGUIDE, your bar shares in the success of the deployed solution(s) and can apply the additional revenue to fund initiatives that would otherwise be delayed or tabled altogether.

Insider's Perspective

Founded by seasoned lawyers after years of close collaboration with bars and lawyers, we continue to deliver market-leading products for bar associations and their members.

Ethics Minded

We are committed to ethical practices and rules set by each state which enhance the protection of the public and improve access to legal services overall.

Customer Focused

We pride ourselves on the service we provide to consumers who come to the bars looking for help for their legal needs and on our strong, established relationships with our bar partners.